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About Bearings


About Bearings

Bearings are everywhere in today’s society. They are used in automobiles, tractors, aerospace equipment, HVAC systems, industrial tools and recreational products like skateboards and fidget spinners. Each individual application may require a different type and configuration of bearings. ElBaz has the most comprehensive of bearings in the world. We sell over 150,000 types of bearings for every application imaginable. Inch series ball bearings are tiny and commonly used in commercial oven doors, refrigerator doors, hotel turnstile doors and even fishing reels. Standard metric size radial ball bearings are used in equipment like band saws, lawnmowers, pharmaceutical mixers, clean-room inspection tools and novelty items like clocks.

Some ball bearings are designed for high precision applications like ball screw support and spindle bearings in CNC machinery. These bearings have virtually no drag, higher precision ratings and light lubrication for very high heat and speeds. Ball bearings come in single row and a beefier duty double row style for heavier radial loads. Seal configurations for ball bearings include: 2RS (2 rubber seals), ZZ (2 metal seals) and completely Open (No Seals) which is a dry version for equipment that requires frequent lubrication, low drag and doesn’t produce contaminants that will affect the balls from rotating.

ElBaz stocks the top brands in the industry in all shaft sizes and configurations of ball bearings ready to ship immediately. For larger load carrying operations like planetary gear a spherical roller bearing is recommended to take the beating required to keep the shaft turning in the harshest of conditions. Likewise, taper roller bearings are used in applications like steel mill rollers where heavy dynamic and static loads are required while in motion. Though they run in an assembly taper roller bearings have interchangeable components like  single cups, double cups and single cones so repairs are fast and less costly by only replacing individual parts.  Even small hand tools like grinders and hand drills require bearings to spin at rapid speeds and clutch on and off so cam follower bearings and needle roller bearings are the perfect bearings for those jobs. If your process has high misalignment between the shafts rod end bearings would be the best option.

Many industrial machines require using a parallel shaft or off-center shaft that turns at varying speeds and loads having frequent start and stop cycles. Bearings in this application require the bearings to be mounted securely in the most inconspicuous of spaces to not interfere with other working components.

There are two types of mounted bearings that can be utilized in these situations: Flange mounted bearings and pillow block mounted bearings. Flange bearings are best suited for shaft driven systems that have difficult or non-standard misalignment requiring offset or non-traditional shaft lengths and mounting angles. They come in many shapes and bore sizes and depending on the clearance come in 2-bolt flange units, 3-bolt circle flange units, 4-bolt square flange units and 4-bolt pilot circle flange units. A pillow block bearing mounts from the bottom allowing vertical parallel shaft misalignment while in rotation without affecting other machine parts.

Mounted bearings come in cast iron, steel, polymer and stainless-steel materials for a vast array of uses. They are very maintenance friendly and allow for easy lubrication, removal and replacement of the bearing insert while saving the bearing housing.

Mounted bearings would not work properly without important bearing components like shaft adapter sleeves, bearing lock washers, bearing locknuts, bearing stabilizing rings and labyrinth triple seals to prevent oil and lubricants from leaking into the bearing and surrounding parts. With these many bearings in stock both locally and throughout Jordan ElBaz can supply every type and size of bearing when you need it the most! 

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